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You’re passionate about your product…

We get that!

At CWD, we understand that running a successful business in today’s digital world is no simple task. That’s why we’ve developed our suite of services to help clients build online access to their physical business and increase their online presence. With CWD, you can reach new customers and markets, maximize customer engagement, and increase revenue – all with the support of our experienced team. Let CWD show you how to get the most out of your business in today’s ever-evolving online world.

Our product is online access for your business, our passion is your success

E-Commerce for the Artisan

It's Time. You're Ready.So Make the Move!

What If It Didn’t Have To Be Difficult?

CWD provides a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective ecommerce hosting solution for businesses of all sizes. We’ve created an easy-to-use platform where your online store is created, hosted, and maintained for the life of your business.  Our services are designed to help you grow your online presence, maximize revenue, and improve customer experience.  We know this doesn’t have to be difficult, so we made sure it isn’t.    

Vendor and Multi-Vendor Market Places Ready to Go Live in a Few Hours

What If It Was As Simple As Selling Your Product?

At CWD, we understand that running a business and managing a website is time consuming and often overwhelming. That’s why we offer a fast, easy and secure way to get your products online – with no technical know how required. Our hassle-free basic website package builds an effective ecommerce platform in as little as three hours. With CWD, you don’t just get the technical stuff covered – you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your products are securely accessible, visible and selling.

A fully functional e-commerce website with your name in the title selling your products. 



No other hosting service offers you the ability to simply open your online store and start selling your product.

What If All You Ever Needed Was a Single Website?

At CWD, we empower entrepreneurs on their journey with the right tools to make sure they have everything they need to grow. Our innovative suite of capabilities allows businesses to start with a starter site and then scale up to include multi-vendor marketplaces, educational forums, and live streaming events, all in one powerful website. With CWD, entrepreneurs can ensure their physical business has the perfect online complement throughout the life of their business. Because all you really need is one website with the right tools when need them.

Take advantage of the most advanced e-commerce technology the web has to offer!

Harness the power of the same heavyweight programs even the most successful e-commerce websites use today.

The Farm Fresh Network

The Same Technology Powering-

  1. 5+ million stores
  2. 26% of all online stores
  3. 29% of the top 1 million e-commerce sites
  4. E-commerce in 56 languages.

We’ll provide the website, you provide the products.


Which Opportunity Fits You?

Variety makes the artisan community what it is, from products to services, small businesses capitalize on their uniqueness.

Our services ensure your business can stay unique and get the recognition it deserves.  We just host it!

In light of that, we offer three different types of e-commerce opportunities to fit our clients the best.

E-Commerce for the Artisan

It's Time. You're Ready.So Make the Move!

It’s your website. It’s your product.

So, make it your success!

Open Your Store in Our Virtual Marketplace

The Artisan Fair

Is it your first time building an online presence?

Need a place to call home that’s simple, affordable, and most importantly … YOURS?

The Artisan Fair is a place for those with a product and the need to get their feet wet in an online environment.

Get Your Own Branded Website Up, and Selling, On Your Timeline

The Master Artisan

Your product stands out.

You have your social media, your word of mouth, and your reputation for quality products. Maybe you already have an online presence, but it comes with a lot of overhead that detracts from not only your profit margin, but also takes away from your unique brand.

If you’ve got the will; it’s time to pull the plug on the things that are preventing you from making a fair profit, and stopping you from building a unique brand which reflects you exclusively.

Host Your Own Virtual Marketplace

The Master Artisan Fair

Do you already have/belong to a market in the real world?

Why not create an online virtual market that promotes you & other vendors to a much wider world of potential customers. This market can provide products from vendors, irrespective of their location, to customers without the restrictions of their location.

Regardless if you call it an Artisan Fair, or a Farmers Market. Or whatever your local term for this cooperative vendor environment is.

The results are the same. Increased sales through wider exposure of your products, and a larger potential customer audience because of a shared customer pool.

It is a fact, customers are more likely to spend more time browsing when there is a wide variety of products, and vendors, at a single shopping stop. This is the working model of every successful Marketplace.

The more vendor products to look through. The greater the sales opportunities.