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About Us

Cornerstone Web Developers


As a Georgia-based firm, we provide online access solutions for sustainable, regenerative, community-driven market systems.

It is our belief that by using locally grown, made, and produced goods, our clients restore physical, economic, and environmental health to the neighborhoods from which they build their future.  

This access empowers our clients to build healthier, sustainable communities by making their goods available to even those who are the most inaccessible and marginalized. 

To bolster sustainable regenerative markets, our services enable education, community building, and social networking which our clients use to pursue a brighter, healthier, more connected tomorrow.

It All Started When…

Three years ago CWD was approached by a market owner. She was frustrated by several everyday things that are a part of running a farmers’ market online. Working closely with her, we developed a new online marketplace that overcame issues most online market venues have today.

Specifically she was looking for a better customer experience. She needed an online market built for customers interested in farmers’ and artisan market products. While there are many choices out there for online venues, none of them specifically catered to this industry with the professional texture her market deserved. She was also looking for a platform that was intuitive, easily searchable, and powerful enough to handle growth over time.

Also important to her was the ability to better manage her online market. The platform she had been using was time consuming with very little automation of routine tasks. She needed to be able to manage her market, which didn’t mean spending more time managing her online venue. She needed that same ease of use to be passed to her vendors as well.

Our clients create a healthier, more sustainable future with our online access solutions for regenerative market systems.

Regenerative Food Systems?

Its Not Just a Farmers' Market Anymore

Results That Speak for Themselves

Over the course of the next year this market saw 40% growth. That was late 2019, the market had opened just as COVID caused significant turmoil in conventional markets. While conventional food systems scrambled to meet the COVID challenge, this market re-opened and saw significant growth.

During the opening months of the pandemic, it became obvious there needed to be a home delivery option. Our team responded quickly implementing these changes within a week of the market manager’s discussion.

The market’s ability to implement delivery options for their customer base was a lifeline for many of their high risk customers. It allowed the market to service community members no other food system could reach. Without this delivery of fresh produce, the market’s community faced compounded struggles in an already dire situation. Through it all, continued to grow.

By focusing on locally grown and produced goods, we help our clients restore physical, economic, and environmental health to their communities.

What We Do Is Different

We’re a small business, and we like to think we still get the concept of providing value to our clients. Everything from good service to great customer experience is what we bring to our clients and their markets every day.

The difference is our organic orientation to the artisan and farmer’s market communities. These markets require powerful platform capabilities and personalized services to make those capabilities work for them.

Our platforms deliver a powerful market experience while also providing a safe place for local markets to have a voice of their own. We do this through our suite of online and consultative services that bring a wide variety of presence building opportunities. All of which are dedicated to the artisan and farmers’ market community.

The Vitality of “Community-Driven”

It’s no secret that local communities are full of skilled crafters, growers, and producers with generational talent. As individual makers, communities inherently create exclusive hand-made products. As growers and producers, they bring sustainable, nutritious goods vital to their communities.

Over the last few years small business market trends show that customers want to connect with locally made and locally grown vendors. They want the unique exclusivity of these handmade items as well as the health and economic benefits of locally grown produce. More importantly, communities are coming together to bring these items to wider audiences as part of an effort to build community-driven markets and regenerative food systems.

These communities are using the power of their local farmers and artisans’, to build regenerative, sustainable systems that defy current economic downturns. They’ve harnessed the power of online venues to complement their physical markets to increase vendor sales reach and putting more back into the local economy.

We are proud to help our clients bring the fruits of their community to those who need it most – and with the use of technology, we make this possible.

This is What We Do!

What we’ve learned on our journey has immense value to those who look to build community-driven markets and regenerative food systems. Through years of trial and error we’ve built a suite of tools that provide online infrastructure for organizations looking to build communities, extend their market reach, and educate others on a better way of doing things.

Especially when it comes to regenerative food systems, its more than just building a market that’s accessible. Communities need tools that are available and easy to use any time of the day or night so they can pursue their goals of healthy sustainable living. Our online venues consist of social media platforms, blogging spaces, educational forums and streaming capabilities that all bring your message to your community. All of this on the same platform as your online market.

We’ve custom built three platforms for the artisan world. It doesn’t matter what level your shop is at, our platform caters to your niche, your level of expertise, and your desire to grow. With the same powerful tools as the Farm Fresh Network, the Master Artisan Market is designed to empower your customer base and enable your vendors to be part of your story, and to make it their story as well.

All That to Say

Here at Cornerstone Web Developers, we know there are bigger venues out there.  But none of them can say they do what we do. They can’t say that their platform is purpose built for the farmers’ and artisan industry. They can’t say they’re a small business that understands the business of small business. So we don’t say anything they would. We don’t say, “here’s your online store”…

We say “Welcome Home!” because we’re in this together.

Cornerstone Web Developers

Welcome Home!
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