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The Artisan Fair

As a small business, our mission is to provide well-defined services to other small businesses with no hidden costs, and no surprise fees.

The description of our primary features and services, listed below, are meant to provide a clear understanding of what we offer.

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Our Artisan Fair offering gets you into a fully functional, uniquely branded, e-commerce storefront.

 Your new storefront will exist in one of our virtual marketplaces.

Just like having a physical booth or stall at any Farmer’s or Artisan Market in the real world.

With your new storefront, you have your own unique identity. Your Logo, your brand colors, your unique products, everything that’s you is in your store. All of this can be achieved literally within a few hours of signing up with us.


Things You won’t have with this opportunity:

  1. The larger overhead startup costs associated with getting into a private website.
  2. The need to learn, or hire someone, to do the required “CSS” or any other programming skills to convert templates to your personal branding.


The biggest benefit of this opportunity is:

 Breaking free from the unceasing surprise notifications that fees for your current service are being raised again. 

What you’re being charged by us will never change!

Sign up on day one, and that’s your permanent plan with us!

That’s our small business to small business promise to you.


Think about it!

On day one, this package has the power to handle all of your –
• current clients
• inventory
• payment handling
• sales tax
• order management requirements

Bottom-line, you need the power of big business harnessed to fit your business, and you need to it to understand small business.


That’s why Cornerstone Web Developers is your e-commerce home.

Artisan Fair Virtual Marketplace Webstore Features

  • Branded Storefront
  • Shop all Categories & Products
  • Customer to Store Inquiry
  • Individual Product Shopping View
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Customer Dashboard
    • Orders
    • Downloads (if applicable)
    • Address
    • Account Details
  • Store Manager Dashboard
    • Customer Management
    • Store & Product Reviews
    • Store Staff Management
  • Up to 200 Products
    • Simple and Variable Products (products under a single heading with options-color,size,scent,etc..)
  • Product Categories
  • Product Tags
    • Helps with product search on the site
  • Set up Simple and Variable Products.
  • Sales price – with stop and start sale date capability.
  • Coupons
  • Cross sell and Up Sell Products recommendations.
  • Product photo gallery.
  • Automatic shopping cart adjustment if quantity in cart exceeds product inventory.
    • Customer notified prior to checkout.
  • Automatic Inventory adjustment on refunded items.
  • Set return to stock timer for incomplete orders.
  • Variable products can manage stock quantity at the variation level.
  • Any product can be set to accept Back orders.
  • Any product can be set to never run out.
  • Automated Sales Tax Calculation.
    • No setting up tax tables or paying an outside service.
  • Automated Orders Generated Orders.
  • Automated Customer Order Notifications.
  • Automated Admin Order Notifications.
  • Stripe / PayPal Payment Solution.
  • Social Media Profile(s) Linking.
  • Cookie Notice & GDPR Compliance Notification.
  • Store Owner Configured Search Engine Optimization.
  • Product Reviews
  • Store Reviews
  • Customer Inquiry

Here's How We Get Going On This

The first thing to understand is this:

We do not just let you “figure it out yourself”.

We will get you out of the starting gate, and will be right there for you throughout the process.

Its this partnership with our small business clients which sets us apart.

You provide a small amount of information and Our in-house experts will get your new webstore up and running for you.  We’ll transition our generic webstore to your personally branded e-commerce home ready to sell product. 

While we set things up, you’ll take advantage of our knowledge base, and start entering your products.

Artisan Fair Virtual Marketplace Webstore Setup Includes

  • Checklist of Client Required items prior to start of on-boarding.
    • Project Start Date.
    • Logo photo (jpg or png format).
      • Hex codes for each of your corporate colors.
        • Click HERE to use a free color picker we use.
    • PayPal Account to receive Commission Payments.
    • Email Account.
    • Enroll as a Store Owner
    • Setup & Pay Annual Store Owner Membership.
  • Customer Support – Email.
  • Website Hosting.
  • Protection from Web Bots.
  • Object Caching to improve page loading speeds.
  • Continuous Site Health Monitoring.
  • Daily Backups.
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Site wide SSL Certificate (renews every 90 days).
  • 3 hours of personalized on-boarding:
    • Step by Step guides, video links, and phone support to help get you up to speed quickly.
    • Inform Client of Progress
    • Answer Client Questions
    • Webstore Administration Familiarization
  • Email support during, and after, on-boarding.

Artisan Fair Virtual Marketplace Webstore On-Boarding Does Not Include

** Each Item Listed Below Can Be Included At Additional Cost **

  • Logo creation.
  • Selecting corporate branding colors.
  • Creating PayPal account to receive commission payments.
  • Creating email account.
  • Creating social media accounts.
  • Migration, import, or entry of existing customers from previous website provider (if applicable).
  • Migration, import, or entry of existing products from previous website provider (if applicable).

What is the Cost?

  • Annual Recurring Membership Fee of $149.00 (That’s $0.41 cents per day for hosting and support!)
  • 20% of Store Gross Sales

**** Whenever You’re Ready to Upgrade to Your Own Stand Alone Website, or Start Your Own Marketplace – Contact Us.

Any Unused Portion of Your Annual Membership Fee Will be Applied Toward the Cost of Any of Our Other Product Offerings.

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    • Shipping
    • Delivery
    • Real Time Chat
    • Grouped Products
    • Chained Products
    • Bundled Products

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